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SCA is following protocols mandated by the local and state authorities and DHS.  Masks are currently required for all adults in the building.  If you have questions regarding policies, please contact us at 615-377-0033.  





“Southgate is more than a school. It is a community, a family. It never feels like we are leaving our children at school with teachers when we drop them off in the morning, but more like we are leaving them with trusted friends and family that will look after them the way we would. The communication is open and honest. The care and love is evident, not only in person, but also through the feedback and enthusiasm of our kids. Southgate is as much a part of our children's healthy social development as it is their educational development, which at such a young age is critical. We readily recommend that any parent looking for this combination highly consider Southgate”.
Ryan (Ella’s Daddy)

"The thought of taking my first and only baby to a daycare to let "strangers" take care of her was very, very scary for me. We visited several daycares and talked to a lot of people and after our first visit and tour with Southgate we knew this was the place we wanted our child to be, however we still were nervous when we made that choice and signed the dotted line. I will be honest to say that the first week was very hard as anyone would expect, however as each day that we dropped her off passed, it got a little easier. As we saw that everyone around her was so caring and loving and truly interested in our child and her well being, dropping her off at Southgate was no longer taking her to be with "strangers" but taking her to be with her extended family. I truly love this place and every single person within the doors. We are always greeted with a smile and a hello from everyone we pass in the building and everyone knows my child's name and I know that everyone is looking out for her. The teachers are all one big family and it shows and we feel like a part of it too. Our child has grown and thrived in their care and we have met some wonderful people who we hope to be in contact with for years to come. I will admit that it can still sometimes be hard to leave her as it makes me realize how big she is getting and I miss her, but when it comes to leaving her and feeling 100% confident that she is learning and growing and being loved, then I am so glad that we chose Southgate. She loves it too!!"
Meredith (Karson's Mommy)

"We feel so blessed that we found Southgate and made the decision to enroll our child in their program. Our 2 year old son has been at Southgate since he was 3 months old and we have never felt the need to search for a new childcare program. We never drop off our son and wonder if he is being taken care of, loved or is happy. We have loved all of the teachers and find it reassuring that not just our son's teacher knows him by name, but that all of the teachers know who he is and who we are. The communication between the staff and parents is wonderful. The detailed reports we get each day mean a lot and keep us up to date on what is going on and how are child is doing at school. I believe the fact that Southgate is a privately owned school/program truly makes a difference. There is no corporate feel. Just a feeling of teachers who love children and have your child's best interest in mind."
Amy (Isaac's Mommy)

"I knew from the first time I walked into SCA there was something different about it from the other schools I visited. Everyone seemed so friendly and easy to talk to and truly cared about the children. I have had one graduate from here and another one started as an infant. I leave my child every day knowing that they will be loved so much from his teacher and all of the other staff members there. They care about the development of my children and feel like they learn so much at every age. My daughter started when she was six months old and continued until she went to kindergarten. I felt like she was very prepared once she started kindergarten. She started learning the day she started going there. Even until her last day when I cried because I knew she would never have such amazing teachers touch her the way our family was touched while attending SCA. Now five years later with another one starting, I know he will continue to have the same care she did."
Julie (Carson's Mommy)

"I visited several daycares when I decided where Ava should attend. I cried after I left most of them. They were not the right place for her. Then, I visited Southgate. Southgate was completely different than all the others I had visited. It had a family atmosphere. It just felt right. We now have two children at Southgate and we love it. All the teachers love the children and know them all by name. It is such a relief to know that my children are being taken care of by teachers that really care about them. I can’t say enough about the loving environment that the teachers and staff provide for our children. My children are learning so much and they are having a great time doing it! I recommend Southgate to every parent who is looking for a loving and nurturing environment for their child/ children. It really is the best!"
Melanie (Ava & Gavin's Mommy)

"I learned about Southgate from a friend whose children had gone there. After looking at multiple daycares, I knew immediately that Southgate was the right place for my first child. It felt more like a loving environment for my child than any other daycare I had seen. My first son started when he was 3 months old; he’s now 3 and in preschool there. Our second son is now 4 months old and is at Southgate as well, with the same teacher his brother had as an infant. Leaving your children every day is so hard to do, but knowing that they’re in such loving, capable hands makes it so much easier. I feel like I know every teacher there, whether or not they’ve actually had one of my sons in their classes. Both of my boys are happy when I drop them off and happy when I pick them up, and that means more to me than anything. I couldn’t have asked for a better daycare."
Leigh (Ryan & Jake's Mommy)

"We picked Southgate Children’s Academy before our son was even born. Our first walk through I had a very comfortable feeling about the school and knew it was right for our family. My gut feeling turned out to be right on. We’ve been attending SCA full-time for four years and we couldn’t be happier.  The staff not only cares for the children but they provide a safe and structured environment.  We’re also very pleased with the early childhood education they have provided our son. We feel like our son will be prepared for Kindergarten next year.  We only wish we could take all the teachers, staff and friends along with us."
Sonia (Brendan's Mommy)

"The variety of educational and fun activities at Southgate Children’s Academy is wonderful. There are always learning opportunities available for each age group. But more importantly, my kids always receive lots of love and nurturing from the staff.  My toddlers are greeted with smiles and hugs every day, while my oldest was fully prepared for elementary school. He still enjoys coming back to Fall Fest and seeing his preschool teachers! I have recommended Southgate to several friends and co-workers and will continue to do so.  We have had children here for almost 6 years now and the owner, management and teachers are like family."
Kristen (Ainsleigh & Cooper's Mommy)

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SCA is following protocols mandated by the local and state authorities and DHS.  Masks are currently required for all adults in the building.  If you have questions regarding policies, please contact us at 615-377-0033.